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Why a Code of Ethics for a silly video game??

First off, Team XF is about more than a silly game. There are real people behind the computer screens and we have made some real friendships that are very independent of MCM2.

So, because XF is based on old friends and making new ones, we have to place high importance on the basis of any friendship: TRUST!

Trust is what defines our Code of Ethics.

On Team XF we value many things more than winning:

1. Family:
Harmony in our real lives is what matters, MCM2 and the games are entertainment.

2. Friendship:
We strive to treat eachother and others with respect and courtesy.

3. Fairness:
XF members will never use cheats of any kind.

4. Fun:
We are really just here for a good time, winning at a video game really isnít too big a deal.

Of the things listed above, everything pretty much takes care of itself in the MCM2. One exception is the people who try to cheat in a silly video game. All of the teams and individuals we play with a lot have similar ethics as XF, but there are those that for whatever reason think winning is so important in MCM2 and will go to any length to accomplish it. Maybe itís low self esteem, maybe its ego, maybe a lack of maturity. XF doesnít care what the reasons are, but we wonít ever cheat nor will we allow ourselves to be cheated. So, if for some reason you feel the need to try take away some of our fun and enjoyment donít be surprised if you see the not so nice side of XF. We donít mind at all getting beat fairly, just donít try to cheat us.

Let's remember why 99% of us are here: ENTERTAINMENT with FRIENDS!

It is our goal to have fun and make new friends, we hope you are looking for the same.


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