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Xcessive Force was started in early 1999. Originally it was just a loose gathering of very close friends who were getting tired of being asked to join one dimentional teams, and also tired of being called a cheat. XF was simply intended as a badge which stated I will give you headaches in any event and I don't cheat! Well, before you knew it, we had assembled one of the deadliest 500cc teams on The Zone.

By late 1999, it was unavoidable... we had ourselves a full fledged team. We made a rudimentary website and registered the team on the official Zone Profiles pages. Xcessive Force quickly became known as the BEST tag team on The Zone. We had some close seconds, but XF was the team to beat. This wasn't good enough for the roosters on the team. So with the help of RipPinDude I transformed my 250 racing skills and we began roosting up the zone on our 500cc's! Before long we established ourselves as one of the best 500cc racing teams around. This, combined with our dominance in tag gave us quite a reputation as an all around team. We had some of the very best Stunters, Baja Racers, Natters, SXers and Taggers on The Zone.

Then disaster struck. Like a tornadoe sweeping the MCM community off it's feet, MCM2 came out. This updated version seriously took it's toll on probably all Zone teams out there. We lost several very close and skilled players because of the new intense graphics and demand for highbandwidth connections. We slowly recovered from this but really XF was and would never be the same.

Probably the biggest change to XF since the release of MCM2 is our wide use of every cc. We've always run every event, but now we do it with every cc. From 125cc supercross to 600cc hog tag, we'll give you a run for your money.

But one thing remains the same, we'll do it honestly, consistantly and usually with a big smile!

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